Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All items we have are sold in good faith



Taylors Stables Clients - 

Agree when creating their account that they will Pay for hay ordered prior to taking stock from the location

When ordering please take note of the Number on the bale.

Please process your payment immediently  - We will notify the stable management of your payment & that the stable management can go ahead with the delivery of the said bale into your paddock, as soon as payment is cleared.

Buy purchasing hay from Campbell's Transport Services - you waive the right to persue us for any cost or damages incured.

While we do the upmost to obtain the hay desired, you understand that while we do no personally grow the produce, we only source it for our clients.

We can only tell you what we know or have been told from the source to attain suitability for your specific purpose and cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arrise.



Vinyl orders are ALL made to order, hence we need just a little extra tme to prepare then just fro you.

When you Vinyl order leaves here it is in perfect condition or it dosen't leave.

If it gets to you not the way it was supppose it, please let us know, so we can try to make it right.

It is STRONGLY reccommended that you take the registered post option & spend the little bit extra so that if things like the above happen, and it does happen. Aussie post pay for it's replacement.