Introduction of a Fuel Levy

Introduction of a Fuel Levy

Introduction of a Fuel Levy Effective from March 28, 2022


As you will be aware, there has been a substantial increase in fuel prices over the past few weeks. The price rises have had a marked impact on many sectors of business, particularly transport. The fuel price increases have had a flow on impact on all aspects of maintenance costs from the price of tyres through to the cost of oil, filters & spare parts.

During COVID we saw fuel costs increase around 54% & we absorbed those costs for the most part & held off on introducing a Fuel Levy to try and minimise the costs to you for transport. Unfortunately, with the recent fuel price rises, we will need to introduce a Fuel Levy to ensure the viability of our business & our ability to provide you with the service you have come to rely on.

Starting March 28, 2022 we will introduce a 22% Fuel Levy. This will be reviewed a weekly basis at this point, with a view to moving to monthly reviews once fuel prices even out. If fuel prices come down, the Fuel Levy will be adjusted down accordingly. 

We will continue to provide quotes with all inclusive prices (GST, Fuel Levy etc) with a separate line item for the Fuel Levy to ensure transparency.

All current valid quotes & prices that were provided prior to the introduction of the Fuel Levy will remain unchanged. So if you have a valid quote or you have a job booked in, there will be no price change.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further, feel free to contact me on the numbers below.

Regards, Andy

Andy Campbell

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